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I traded in a Kahr CW9 for the smaller CM9 about 6 months ago or so. It truly is an excellent pocket handgun. I really like SIG's, and for awhile I was contemplating exchanging the Kahr for the SIG P290...just 'cause. I tried them out side by side and decided not to do it, and I feel that was a good choice. I really liked the feel of the trigger on the Kahr better than the SIG, and definitely like it better than any Glock. I have not had one failure to fire/eject since I have owned it....although I thought it did the last time I was at the range. I had been shooting my SIG's (P220/226) quite a bit and didn't let the Kahr's trigger reset enough. My bad. It is a phenomenal little gun that I've grown to like more and more the longer I have it.
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