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i don't believe a large number of gunowners want the mythical "gunshow loophole" "fixed". All my gunowning friends prefer selling their legally owned property without government interference.

All the anti-gunners jump on the "gunshow loophole". Most of the mass murderers bought their guns from licensed gun dealers. i can't think of one who bought his gun from a private individual.

Closing this absurd loophole would not be political suicide for politicians who fear losing the support of gun owners. A recent survey found that more than 80% of gun owners and 74% of NRA members want this loophole fixed. It seems likely that Giffords and Kelly, both gun owners, would be among this large majority favoring this reform.

IMO: This modern day Daniel Webster is absurd to the extreme. This explains it all:

Editor's note: Daniel W. Webster is professor and director of the Center for Gun Policy and Research at Johns Hopkins School of Public Health.
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