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BT, I don't think you'll find that I've ever said point shooting practice is useless. In fact, if you checked you'd probably find some posts where I've said my choices of carry guns have often been impacted by which guns point most naturally for me, and which guns I can shoot best one-handed from unsupported positions.

Lately, I've been practicing a lot more flash-sight and point than conventional target shooting.

ZincWarrior, I could see the dog issue; I've had to rein in my Jack Russell a time or two. Haven't had problems yet with my bigger dogs being approached by threats, but one never knows.

What I was referring to, though, was the tendency of supposed martial artists to pre-select a specific technique, and then try to apply it no matter what the opponent does. In aikido, at least, forcing the other guy tends not to work terribly well. Leading the guy (via strikes or feints) is something else, but even then, one should work with the response one gets, rather than try to carry through against the response one had hoped to get.

If the guy leans forward, then a technique which would take him over backwards becomes much less practical, for instance. The idea is to let him do what he's doing, then apply just enough input to carry him a bit past that. He does most of the work.

If one tries to force things, then one ends up doing way too much work.
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