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How common is it for smiths to craft rare parts for firearms?

Okay...this may sound like a stupid question, but for all of you smiths out there, how often is it that you may not be able to find a part to repair/restore a firearm? Is it possible for you to replicate a part provided you have a good example of one for a firearm?

What is typically involved in this process? For example, let's say the bolt for a Mosin M91/30 is really hard to come by, how difficult would it be for a skilled smith to manufacture one him/herself?

I'm looking into machining and welding school and hopefully will eventually attend gunsmithing school and I know that there are some semi rare to rare firearms I'd eventually like to own that parts are a pain or close to impossible to find. If it's possible for me to make them myself, I'd imagine that would be a tremendous boon in the event something breaks.
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