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One other thing think about is being able to use/see the reticle through the eyebox of the optic in the positions that you might need to use it in.

My biggest problem with magnified optics, even the decent ones, (Trijicon/ US Optics/Leupold what I have tried) is that I often have to move my head around to actually see through the optic.

This isn't normally too noticeable when shooting from the bench. But when you get out and try it in field expedient positions or against moving targets, especially when you are moving too, you might wind up not being able to see through the optic because your eye isn't in the right spot for the eye relief to work. This is usually much worse with the lower end magnified optics.

That is where the Red Dots really shine. You have to get into some really contorted positions before you can't see the dot. And with red dot optics, if you can put the dot on the target, you will hit it. Almost negligible parallax.

The TR24 at 1X was almost as good as the Aimpoint M4s. I would say about 75% of the total head movement/positioning of the Aimpoint.
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Good luck.
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