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I like to not have a chest cavity full of soup. I cut my deer up and eat 'em
Hey whatever works best for you feel free to do mrawesome22. I cut and wrap my own harvested animals also. But before I start my butchering procedure after the animal has been already field dressed. I have a tendency to rinse out a deers cavity with clean fresh water from our back yard garden hose before hide removal or quartering. It's a technique I picked up years ago back in the early 50s from watching my old'man.
Now to stay on point. I'm also not a rookie at reloading. Been at it near 50 yrs. I've used many other weights and brands of bullets and powders too in my 243 loadings and write about my preferences from experience. I found this (prior posting) reload to work best for me on deer size game at 200 or less yards. It's a quick mover at near 3400 ft per sec at the barrels end according to my Hornady Third edition's write up.
As far as turning the heart, lungs, into jello. Perhaps purple would have been a better choice of a descriptive word. In fact if you lived closer to me Sir. I'd invite you over today to help in cutting up the deer I just harvested earlier this week. Have a cup of coffee or beer or two while you pick-hair sounds good to me. (hey its something that needs to be done. Am I right?) _
To be honest I haven't used my Ruger flat bolt 243 in years. The old 270 get my nod these days instead. But that's a whole different issue. Good luck with your quest mohr308_
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