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“You don't even have to weigh powder charges to get 1/4 inch groups at 100 yards from top quality rifles; benchesters don't weigh their charges for ranges 300 yards and less”

Rebs, I would caution you against taking Bart B. seriously about weighing powder, for rifle there is a very narrow window between starting and maximum loads of 5 grains +/- very little, pistol is even less, and bench resters, always the bench rester. I was at the range when I was asked if I was a bench rester, I answered the question with a question, I ask “Do you know and understand what a Cajun NO! means”. Then my wife called and ask Dotty if she would have me call home, Dotty ask my wife if I was the bench rester, my wife responded with “When you see him from the back he looks handy, he passes as a plumber” my wife ask Dotty to tell me pull my pants up in the rear and then call her. From then on when someone ask dotty if I was a bench rester dotty would say answer with “NO” “But his wife says he is handy” and I had to explain to my wife what a bench rester was.

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