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LOL, I watched the vid. You are the one who made the claim of growth
Just for you DNS...change my 'full grown' claim in my statement to 'a wolf big enough to do severe damage to the woman and possibly cause her demise'

to support your assertions of amazing bravery
I gave you more credit then that. My point was not to support the position of amazing bravery but rather to support the fact that there are people that will risk their own safety to protect what they deem valuable in their lives. Some call that 'bravery', I don't. Might sound crazy to you or others but I call that being human.
Re-read my original post for a better understanding of why I posted the link about the wolf in the first place:
The point of me posting the story was to point out the fact that there are people that will put themselves in harms way to protect a life(or what they value in their own life), especially a life of a defenseless child or an elderly person, regardless of the risks to themselves.

This same person, usually, after the dust settle's and the events of the emergency are over , they have the time to digest/analyze the chain of events, will be the first to admit that their actions were risky at best and maybe would have done some things differently but would still have reacted.
You may be willing to put yourself at risk for certain things in your life that I may deem rash or not the wisest thing to do and vice-a-versa. What's important enough to possibly die for to some is different to others.

The wolf appears to be on the small size from what I can see. [B]Still, there is no way to know from the video or images if the wolf is full grown as you claimed.
Again, it's apparent the wolf was big enough to do the woman severe harm. Do you think this woman took time to assess the size of the wolf before she acted?
And even though the wolf looks small to you, doesn't mean it's not full grown.

There is a lot of comfort in thinking that nothing bad is going to happen to you and then you realize how poorly you misjudged the situation [/B]
One thing I can tell you from personal experience is the few times in my life I've interjected myself into a risky situation I did NOT have a comforting feeling that nothing bad was going to happen....I knew the risks. But to me, my actions were worth the risks at the time.

and have to then save yourself.
I would hope that if you and I were there at that pit when the dogs started at the baby, I could count on you for assistance and we could have each others backs as well as hopefully saving the baby.
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