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Picture Posting

I like gun pictures, we all do. The only thing better than a good gun picture is a gun picture that...(wait for it, wait for it...) fits the page.

I see a very lot of gunpics that when posted brake up the continuity of the page. They are posted so large that one must scroll back and forth sideways to read the following posts.

May I suggest to forum members that want to post pics of their gun to size the darn pics down a little so that it fits the page? I'm not computer savvy but I can size a picture. There is tons of software that allows you to size the pics down to a more manageable size and then it will not distort the page size and make people scroll sideways to see it or to read the rest of the thread.

Please size your pictures down some before posting them. It's not hard and helps the readability of thread very much. Thank you.
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