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What is your usage 85% of the time going to be?

If it is primarily going to be a defensive rifle, I prefer just a basic Aimpoint red dot.

You wouldn't be taking shots outside of 100 yards defensively anyway. While a red dot might not be ideal for hunting or shooting targets at longer range, learning to use your rifle/optic combo by shooting it at other targets is a good thing. Added advantage, you can watch your bullet impacts with a RDS and correct. With a magnified optic, you will often get pushed off target and may need someone spotting for you to tell you where you are hitting. Based on my experience shooting my AR at 500 yards at a 5 gal bucket comparing an Aimpont M4s with and without a Aimpoint 3x magnifier from field expedient positions.

Now if it is primarily going to be a target/hunting rifle and you need the magnification just to be able to see the targets you want to hit, I would get something like the 1X4 or 2X7 and a good quality QD mount like Larue or ADM and some quality BUIS, so if the optic goes down, or has too much magnification you can get it off in a hurry.

It won't be light weight though.
I am no longer participating in gun forums.

Good luck.
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