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I really want one. Patience is not me. Looking for one local for now.

There is no better value in all of firearms than a $625 CMP Service Grade Garand. I guarantee you will not find a Garand locally that will match the quality for under $1000. Heck, most of the $1000 Garands I see at stores and gun shows around here are true beaters.

Heck - waiting is half the fun. There is an ongoing thread at the CMP Garand forum dealing with wait time. Folks compare times and show off unboxing photos. The CMP ships via FedEX overnight - once everything processes, you pretty much know exactly when it's coming to your door.

The wait time for me was just 27 days, and filling out, notorizing and mailing the paperwork took all of 1 hour (UPS stores around here can notorize the form for about $5).

Here's my $625 CMP Service Grade Springfield Armory with a 1944 receiver and a like-new 1954 barrel.

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