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what am i doing wrong?

i have a 12 gauge pardner pump protector, i've had it a few months and have fired several rounds of buckshot through it. it fires great and its very accurate with the low recoil buckshot that i use, i deer hunt with it using slugs and it is accurate with those too. my problem is when i fire the slugs at times it will fire and the forarm will come back as soon as i fire, which will eject the fired casing but it won't release another shell up to be put in chamber. i push the forarm forward then release it back and it puts the shell in. i tried pushing forward on the forarm as i fire and then when i fire i push back and it ejects and puts a new round in. but its unnatural for me to do it that way, i prefer to holding back on the forarm. it doesn't do it everytime but does it quite regular with slugs, doesn't do it with shotshells or buckshot. whats going on?, i love this gun and its got so smooth on its action that it feel like its sliding on butter. thanks
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