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Originally Posted by Brit View Post
Can I bring my Glock 26 with me, in luggage. To keep in house. Not to carry...
Here's one I know. The answer is YES. Quoting the California DOJ web site "California Penal Code section 12025 does not prevent a citizen of the United States over 18 years of age who is not lawfully prohibited from firearm possession, and who resides or is temporarily in California, from transporting by motor vehicle any pistol, revolver, or other firearm capable of being concealed upon the person provided the firearm is unloaded and stored in a locked container...This includes the trunk of a motor vehicle, but does not include the utility or glove compartment." Transporting firearms into the state by airplane is covered by the same federal TSA rules that apply everywhere in the US.

And you're right on the concealed carry question. They're extraordinarily difficult to get here. Even the newly hired Chief of Police of Los Angeles couldn't get a CCW permit until he actually began serving as Chief.

Our friend Librarian will probably be able to shed some additional light.

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