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Made good headway last night, picked up another $150.00 worth of foam insulation ( we had some very cold weather a week back ), & some of the exposed steel ceiling that the concrete was poured on, was sweating, ( most of it is insulated with 3.5" of foam ) so I want to get the rest of the insulation in the ceiling ( need to do some the cuts around the lighting fixtures yet, & a big chunk in the middle of the room )...

picked up 16 more wall paneling boards, & that's enough to get my lever gun / coach shotgun rack up, & start on my loading bench corner... I think I'm going to do up some more of the 2 X 4 racks, & use them for the double action & single action revolver racks... ( my machinist can't fit / work with an 8" board, on his smaller home shop equipment ) & I think 4 rows of dowel holes will give me more flexability, so I'll have my guys start on those next week... with the plan being putting 2 of them next to each other for each revolver rack

for the loading bench, I just bought a pair of machinist drawers, that I can stack... they are sold by Fastenal, ( they have a store just across the street from where I work ) they are rollerbearing trays, that removeable, latchable drawer / boxes fit into, so I can use them as a regular drawer, or grab the handle, & remove the whole box to set on the bench top... they have removeable plastic devider trays that fit into them... I'm stacking two 4 drawer units on top of each other under one end of my bench, they are the perfect size for what I was looking for, 2 units stacked measure 30" high giving me floor to bench drawers with a bench height at 32" they are 20" wide, which is just right to fit between the end of the bench, & the 1st outlet under my bench...they are only like 12" deep, so I'll have some storage behind them, they're for commercial use, so are nice & heavy duty, are a nice medium blue color, which I think I'll use to match the vinyl for the seat cushions for the ammo benches & the fabric for my watch collection display board... I plan on starting to lay out the bench this weekend... still trying to decide on the material to use for the 2 shelves over the bench... I was going to use that white partical board stuff for closets ( they'll be supported on both sides, & on the back ) but I've seen some of these sheves warped across the front from long term use storing all the loading dies, etc... so I was going to add an angle of magnetic stainless across the front, for some more support, & to allow magnet use for notes... but now I'm thinking of having my fabricator buddy bend me up some stainless to use for the sheves, to match the stainless I plan to put on my bench top ???

this is what my drawer cabinets look like... ( I bought 2 of them, they'll stack on top of each other... the drawer / box inserts remove as a single unit, in case I want to put larger parts or tools in the drawer )
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