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Which Glock

Not really a fan of Glocks. I prefer metal frame pistols, but I'm smart enough to recognize the benefits of having one. I've had an XD but it was stolen ( cops found it just waiting to get it back) so I don't want another. (Great pistols just wanting to diversify)

I want a 9x19 so I've narrowed it down to a 17 or 19.

Also considering getting a 23 and putting a 9mm barrel and mags in it. And eventually getting a .357Sig barrel for it just because I can.

Is there a full size .40 that I can get a 9mm and .357 barrel for?

Which do you prefer?

In addition to whichever of the above I decide on I'll be getting a 34. Any reviews on those?

Also what are the differences in the generations?

I'm not ready to buy yet, but if the right deal comes along I'd probably jump if we could work out a partial trade for some .45 ammo.



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