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I guess I'm not suited.
I inspect my brass/cartridge at every step of the process. Progressive presses deny that opportunity.
I once had one of the first of the firt progressives put out by Lee. A hunka junka all the way. Very dangerous device, particularly the primer seater that could ignite a primer directly up into the powder hopper.
Never again any progressive for me.
I use an old Lyman turret. A turret is basically a single stage with movable dies.
I believe that batch loading, at the end, is just as fast as with a progressive press. And safer, and more fun, and you can take a break and come back. No pressure.
I don't know any progressive that you cannot inspect brass at any station anytime you like. Would certainly slow down the process though.

Many folks still think Lee progressives are "hunka Junka".

Batch loading is faster than running one at a time through each process and a turret is faster than a single stage but neither is anywhere near the speed of a progressive.

How long would it take you to load the same amount of ammo that the one in this video does in 15 seconds?
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