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Originally Posted by j3ffr0
I can always find the laser dot and put it on target quicker than I can line my irons up for a six o'clock hold.
Then you must be an EXTREMELY skilled point shooter. Have you ever had any formal training such as Gunsite, Thunder Ranch, etc?

Do you participate in any type of pistol competitions to evaluate your skill level?

My guess is that neither of the above applies to you, and you have no formal measurement on how your use of laser sights compares to the skilled use of iron sights.

Originally Posted by j3ffr0
Seems like the dude who won the day at the league with the LC9 didn't have to wave the gun around much either.
It would be interesting to see how he did in previous league competitions. Usually there are one or two highly skilled competitors who dominate no matter what kind of equipment they use. It wouldn't surprise me if he would have won it no matter what he used, and he might have been faster without it. Hard to believe that there was only one person there with a laser. How did all the rest of the lasers do?

There's nothing wrong with lasers, I have them on several guns. If the situation develops slowly enough that you have time to think about how you're going to solve it and the laser is the answer, they work great.

If someone is charging you from a couple of car lengths away in the Wal-mart parking lot and you're looking around at all the angled surfaces of the parked cars for your laser dot, you're in trouble. If you train looking for the dot sometimes and the sights sometimes and you believe that in a panic situation you're going to make the right decision, you're in trouble. Of course, if your point shooting skills are such that the laser is always on target, it's really irrelevent what you use.

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