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Is mine the same gun as yours?,,,

I purchased this JP Sauer and Sohns a few years back,,,
It is also a .357 Magnum.

Paid $125.00 from a private seller,,,
Definitely worth every cent.

I named her Savannah.

SA Cowboy revolvers are not my favorite,,,
But this one shoots well so I take her dancing once or twice a year.

In fact the longest shot I've ever made on purpose with a revolver was with this gun.

Off a bench with a nice heavy rest I hit a gallon milk jug at 150 yards,,,
It took the entire cylinder of cartridges to walk the shot in,,,
But it was very satisfying when it exploded.

If your pistol shoots as well as mine,,,
You got a fine deal on a very nice handgun.


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