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Browning BPS? Questions on shell capacity.

So I was browsing the Browning firearms website, and I can't seem to find the information that I was looking for.

The model in question is the Browning BPS micro, from what I can glean from the website, it has a four shell capacity plus one making for a five shot total.

I was considering eventually getting one of these for a home defense role and was wondering if these shotguns are user friendly enough to where I could swap out the tube magazine for a larger capacity one such as the one from their carbon fiber high capacity model.

Why don't I just go with the carbon fiber model? I like the look of the micro better, (silly I know) and while aesthetics I know are secondary, and a high capacity shotgun in a H/D role may not be needed as much, I take solace in the fact that I'd have a few more shells to shuck if the situation (heaven forbid) ever arose.

If not, I'll probably still go with the micro, I've read numerous reviews on the BPS and it seems like a wise investment and I'll be getting a quality shotgun that will most likely out live me and hopefully become an heirloom to my children some day.
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