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I've owned both.
Prismatic pros:
Doesn't need batteries for daytime use, wide FOV, good glass/light gathering, very rugged, generous eyebox, illumination module easy to activate, finger-adjustable W/E, adjustable focus for a sharp reticle.

Prismatic cons: Eye relief, parallax, mount could be better (aftermarket mounts available, though), changing brightness levels requires multiple button presses, short battery life (appx 250-300hrs on the lowest level, my own tests), uncommon battery.

Eotech pros:
Excellent circle-dot reticle provides both speed & precision, wide FOV, multiple battery options available.

Eotech cons: Buttons slow to activate/adjust, relatively short battery life, 100% dependent upon batteries, many more reported problems (delaminating HUDs, loss of zero, loss of nitrogen purge, battery springs compressing over time leading to recoil-induced failure, laser emitter coming loose, electronics failure requiring removal of batteries to reset/fix.

I love the Eotech's reticle but I no longer trust them and would take a Prismatic over Eotech any day of the week despite its limitations.
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