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Turkey/HD shotgun questions

I'm looking to buy a shotgun for both turkey hunting and home defense.
What I've been looking at is the Rem870 Tactical - the version with XS sights. I decided against the versions built specifically for turkey as they seemed to cost more for what seemed to amount to a camo paint job. The tactical version does come with one of the spikey choke inserts, but I figure with minimal effort I can put a turkey choke, and a magazine plug into it, and a red-dot onto it during the couple weeks I'd be using it to hunt.

Two of the three questions I have involves mounting a light. I'm debating buying a foregrip with a light built into it (surefire or more likely EOtech), but for considerably less money I could buy a flashlight mount and a new taclight. What I'm wondering is whether the convenience of an integrated light is worth the extra $100 or so, and also whether they would be unwieldy when hunting - I don't want to have to switch too many things around.

Lastly I'm wondering if the ATI side folding stock (here) is sturdy enough to use a lot. I like a pistol grip, and if it does work, the ability to fold would make it much easier to fit behind my seats, and into my bedside footlocker. However, I'm more concerned with getting something that's going to work well for shooting than something that's going to work well for storing.
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