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JRI states:
Nope,sorry Bart,the 3092 fps 150 grain load is 1.7 grains below maximum charge,according to the load manual,pressure is 57,200 psi at maximum charge,so obviously my 3092 fps load is slightly under 57,200 psi.
While the peak pressure may have been that high with that load in the barrel Hornady used, it is not obvious your barrel will have the same peak pressure. You're assuming (guessing?) it was. Several things in your shooting system were different that Hornady's. Case dimensions and neck tension. Bore and chamber dimensions. Powder and primer lot numbers. Firing pin impact.

What powder and primer did you use? And was the same powder used in both the .30-06 and .308?

Exactly what do you mean by:
Now when both are loaded to standard military specs,they're pretty much equal,however,the 308 is close to max,where as the 30-06 is downloaded.
In what way is the .30-06 downloaded?

What's the military spec difference between a .30-06 and a 7.62 NATO round, peak pressure wise?
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