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Therefore, I think your 3096 fps 150 from a .30-06 case and 24 inch barrel's close to proof loads for it
Nope,sorry Bart,the 3092 fps 150 grain load is 1.7 grains below maximum charge,according to the load manual,pressure is 57,200 psi at maximum charge,so obviously my 3092 fps load is slightly under 57,200 psi.

You mentioned you achieved similar velocity in your 308 with 155 grain and a 32 inch barrel,now,take my 3092 fps 30-06 load,and shoot it out of a 32 inch barrel,and it will STILL smoke the 308 Win.

As they say in the racing circles,"there is no substitute for displacement",the same pretty much holds true here. The 308 does not have the case capacity the 30-06 has.
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