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You are correct, Mr MLeake, and since I made that posting, both my budget and my energy levels are nearly depleted. In that time, we have paid for a new transmission and a wedding. You know what those things cost?

But don't get be wrong. I'm not deriding training or competition, just bad training. After all, the title of the thread is "bad advice." Do all trainers and instructors give exactly the same advice?

Funny the things being said about point shooting. To me, point shooting IS like driving a car and looking out the windshield. My car doesn't have sights, so that's the way it has to work. You all make it sound like point shooting is like shooting at black cats in a dark alley. Or something like that. Anyway, when you're driving, you'd better have your eyes on the road. But I don't guess there's a target.

I would agree that point shooting, not referring here to hip shooting, requires a certain amount of hand-eye coordination but so does all other shooting. It also requires a certain amount of instinct, although I don't know how to quantify that or measure it. It is, I believe, a natural thing that has to be developed by practice. How much practice is another matter. Training? Sure, unless the instructor doesn't believe in it. He might not believe in revolvers either, for that matter.

In the matter brought up in the original post, if I'm not mistaken, it is a question of the balance between accuracy and weapon retention. If the weapon retention tactic results in misses, then there's still room for improvement.

You have the floor, Mr MLeake.
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