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Watch the vid. in the link I provided and you will see how big the wolf is. You will also see that the size of the wolf, whether it's 1/2, 3/4 or full grown, it's exact weight,sex and age is irrelevant.
LOL, I watched the vid. You are the one who made the claim of growth to support your assertions of amazing bravery and now you are saying that your growth evaluation is irrelevant? If so, then why did you make it? The wolf appears to be on the small size from what I can see. Still, there is no way to know from the video or images if the wolf is full grown as you claimed.

There is a big difference in a person going after a single animal with a weapon who had NO intention of actually having to engage it in a fight and jumping down from a significant height into a pit of 11 dogs. There is a lot of comfort in thinking that nothing bad is going to happen to you and then you realize how poorly you misjudged the situation and have to then save yourself.

The 56-year-old heard the cry of a calf being attacked and rushed to scare off the wolf but it turned on her.

"I was not even frightened. I stood like this, holding an axe like this. And the wolf, with an open mouth suddenly jumped on me. Jumped like that. The wolf clawed at my leg and I wanted to hit him with the axe," Ms Maksudova said.

She acted rashly and nearly lost her life because of it, thiniking as others would, maybe, that because she is a human and that animals fear humans (sort of like American coyotes would?) and would just run away. Interesting how that didn't happen.
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