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2 cents

I can't pass this thread up.

My broadheads are fixed blades. Vintage I might add. Yeah, I shoot carbon arrows, and a compound bow w/ fiber optic sights.

But my arrows are tipped with.........Bear Razorheads. The OD carbon steel variety.

About 5 yrs ago, my supply nearly depleted, I went searching for more. In a small town hardware store, I turned up a cardboard box with bunch in it, along with inserts and the funny little slot tools. Most liightly rusted. Box said....."$1 dollar each" . I asked the clerk/owner what he'd take for the lot. "Forty bucks". Done.

Turns out there were 214 of the rascals in that box. That's about 19 cents......each.

The press on mechanicals is impressive, as are the youtube clips. But something about parts having to deploy before they become completely effective........seems to iffy.

Spend some time tuning, don't get to carried away with short shafts and mini fletch, and you CAN stabilize full size traditional heads.
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