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You will shoot a crossbow well and much more easily than you will any compound. There are those who shoot compounds very well, but it ususally reflects dedication and time (alot of time) spent. I have spent alot of time with a bow, and do not consider myself any sort of archer hardly at all. Setups kill deer for me. Even a duffer (like me) can make 10 yd shots. Ususally.

Despite the ease of shooting well, a compounds light bolt does not have any more effective range than a typical compound bow full length arrow. Trajectories past 30 yds are very arcing, and range estimation becomes critical.

An avid bowhunter, I used to disdain crossbows and did not welcome them into archery season. But I have mellowed and become more tolerant. The trick is to get deer in arrow/bolt range. That is considerably more easliy said than done. When AL legalized crossbows for deer, there was a rush to purchase them. They appeared in the field for a few years. MOst guys could not consistently get deer in range and quit, and a lot of crossbows went up for sale. I have not seen one afield in some time. Saw one in a truck about a week ago. The slight increase in "bowhunter" pressure has receded and things are back to normal.

Were I to buy a crossbow I would look hard at the Excaliber line. The classic prod (bow) is appealing and light weight. The multilimbed and pulleyed compound crossbows are powerful, but they weigh a ton and are bulky.

As far as compounds go, I was a fan of the Martin Archery Co for many years.
I have an old, round wheeled Martin Cougar Mag that is as deadly now as it was when I bought it 25 years ago. It is just a bit slower , as the laminated limbs have compressed and max draw weight is no longer 75 lbs. All those years, THOUSANDS of arrows, up and down (even dropped) from hundreds of treestands, same pulleys, cables, no problems with the limbs. The quality of materials and workmanship was outstanding. I did have to restring it, once. I would look at Martin Archery for that reason, though I cannot advise on their current product line.

But the old Cougar Mag is retired and I now shoot a Mathews FX. That is there entry level meat and potatoes bow, I think they still make it, maybe not. Comparing the old Martin to the Mathews is like comparing a P51 to an F16. Mathews seems a good company, and I hunt their bow hard and again have had no problems. I do have to do cables and string almost every season, but you pay a price for an additional 100 fps in the archery world.

You kill a few deer with a bow....., and gun hunting begins to pale.
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