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Personally couldn't care less about his wife's business experience, I'm more concerned with his.

I've met Emerson, and he has an extensive background in firearms.
Also more than a fair amount of respect in the industry among those who know him.

I have his front sights on some of my guns.
He knows his stuff & I have no worries about the continued quality of the ammunition.

As for the loads themselves, they are expensive because they're high quality, consistent, and they perform.
My .45-70 Guide Gun that goes on high mountain ATV treks in bear country carries them, my custom Super Redhawk carries the .44 Magnums for similar duty.

If you want sheer buffalo-stompin knock 'em down & step on 'em loads in those calibers & those guns, and you can spring for the costs, they come through.

I've conversed with Randy a few times over the years. He believed in his product and that company was his life.
Both he & Emerson are good people.

One thing many don't understand is that in a small operation the more time the operator has to spend on the phone, the less product gets produced.
Go through the channels he suggests, and if you can't wait for a reply then either go elsewhere or work up your own equivalent loads, if you think you can.
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