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I thought about it some more.
.... I just can't get excited about the idea.

The biggest problem, for me, is that you want Ruger to make it.
Don't get me wrong. I like Rugers, and they outnumber everything else in my house by a factor of 2 to 1.
But... the more complicated the design is, the more machining Ruger has to do to clean up their investment-cast parts. Otherwise, you end up with incredibly rough, stiff actions; or a sloppy action full of stamped sheet metal parts. A stiff pump-action is not a very fun rifle to shoot; and a sloppy pump action isn't much better.

So, it would be: A) a stiff, rough SOB that very few people buy. B) too expensive for its own good, and priced right out of its intended market. Or, C) a sloppy sheet metal wonder, that feels and looks like it was put together by a hot dog vendor.

Since it would have a limited market, to begin with, I don't think it would ever happen.
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