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ATI Tisas Zigana .40 First Impressions and Pics

I appreciate "Buy American"... I get it.
And I also have a penchant for oddball guns... Can't help it.

Since I got my Ruger SR40c, I've become quite enamored with .40 and developed a hankering for a "chromey" hammer-fired gun in that caliber. But I'm retired and have to watch my pennies so I considered cheaper ways to go... like used, or off-brand.

I kept coming back to those ATI closeouts listed at CDNN on page 29 (now):

Yeah, they're made in Turkey (Hey, at least they're in NATO..). I watched the funky promo video of their kinda modern production facility on YouTube and their testing methods:

And I read generally positive testimony from owners on the net... and watched a couple YouTubes made by owners too.

So I got one... CS40... "Chromey", ported barrel (always been curious about them)... Kinda resembles a Sig... Cost me $340 including transfer.

I've run 120 rounds through it so far. Feels real good. Fits my (kinda large) hand perfectly. Weighs 39 oz. loaded... Alloy frame, steel slide. Feels very substantial and solid. Everything's as tight as it needs to be. The ported barrel doesn't interfere with my sighting at all and helps with muzzle flip.

I ran a 50-rd. box of range FMJ's plus 70 of my own hotter reloads. Accuracy was decent for a 4" barrel .40 (though I'm a little better with my SR40c). It functioned fine except for on two of my reload mags the very last round didn't chamber correctly. No big deal... The factory production ammo ran without a hitch. It came with only one mag, which seems very well made.

It spews brass a little erratically but none near my face, so that's not a big deal.

For the price I paid, I'm happy with what I've got.

I gotta add that ATI has apparently dropped the Tisas line. Why? I don't know... But that's probably a big chunk of the reason that CDNN is liquidating them cheap. Now, I know!... that parts may be difficult to come by in the future but I'm very resourceful and not too worried. (Please don't harp about THAT too much in this thread... I already said it and I'm not a salesman for Tisas or CDNN... I'm just relating my story.)

So, I'm going to post a bunch of pics now 'cause (they say) they're worth a thousand words. You'll see some places where the fit and finish is commensurate with a bargain gun but, all in all, I feel this gun is going to work for me. I'll do a follow-up sometime down the line for the curious.

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