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First custom build .223 "sniper" rifle

Ok ive finally decided to pursue my goal in long distance shooting an Id like to build my first rifle as a .223 caliber but I need some input:

Id prefer a stock that is very similar to a AICS/L96/AWP what ever you prefer to call it however I dont want to spend $500+ on a stock so I'm looking at

Unless someone can recommend something better

I also think Im going to go with the savage over the Rem 700 (even though I am a huge Rem fan) but can someone recommend an exact savage model in .223 that will fit one of those boyd stocks ?

From everything Ive read savage has a better barrel (stock 1:9 twist better for heavy grain bullet for distance), trigger and action, but the rem has a better selection of after market parts. Im also told with the savage you can do more DIY stuff on the gun which is what Im looking for.

So the plan is to build a .223 to shoot 300 yards max I want to start with a custom stock and decent optic (Im thinking Leupold VX-1 Riflescope 4-12 x 40mm) then add a barrel after I start shooting and confirm that I want to continue this dream

The reason for .223 is its cheaper then .308 and it will get me started the ultimate goal <2in MOA at 1000yds with a custom self built 7mm rem mag, 300 win mag or .338 lapua. but id like to first make sure I enjoy shooting for distance

Open to all recommendations

thank you very much for any and all help
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