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The only squib loads I've seen have been in .38 Special. All the squibs were from using a slow powder for loading .38 Special combined with a loose bullet fit in the case. The primer going off was enough to start the bullet moving before the powder fully ignited. The bullet moving creates a much larger volume for the slow powder to burn in greatly reducing pressure. I've seen a fellow shooter that when he fired some rounds you could actually see the bullet bloop out of the barrel and fall to the ground 10 to 20 yards down range. Make sure you have good bullet tension in the case by pushing with your thumb and by pushing the loaded round against your bench. If the bullet moves at all you are not sizing enough to hold the bullet. Some .38 cases have thinner walls. Also I've found that faster recommended powders in .38 Special will give more consistent velocities. I prefer Accurate Arms #2 for loading .38 Special. I believe that a lot of .38/357 Magnum sizing dies don't size the thinner .38 cases enough. You don't have to have a bad primer to get a blooper load. Loose bullet tension and slow for .38 powder is the biggest culprit followed by inaccurate charges of powder.
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