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Thanks RedBowTies88. Unfortunatly i dont think that restrictions on guns especially handguns will ease up any time soon. Most likely it will get more strict. I wish I had the resources to get my voice out there and change this country but who listens to a 17 almost 18 year old kid. no one. Ive been shooting guns since i had the strength to hold one to my shoulder. Started out with a .22 then on to 20 gauge and now 12 gauge. Have shot several pistols with a friend(who is a police officer so it was all legal) and I loved it. I am very safe when it comes to guns. I follow all gun laws(even though i dont agree with a lot of them). ALWAYS KNOW YOUR TARGET AND BEYOND! There have been several times while out hunting i havent shot just because i want 100% sure it was safe. People who think guns kill people need to get our of the city and stop listening to the crap that they here from anti-gun people/groups.
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