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JRI, 'twould be interesting to see what the peak pressure is for that 3096 fps 150. I've got that velocity with 155's in one my .308's with a 32 inch barrel using a known safe, normal max pressure load in a tight groove and bore dimension barrel.

I've shot 168's's from .308 Win. cases out the muzzle of a 24 inch barrel at 2900 plus fps; the barrel's bore and groove was only .0001" tighter than SAAMI spec. That's from a high pressure proof test round producing 65,000 CUP (81,000 PSI). With normal SAAMI peak pressures and barrels, it leaves about 2670 fps. Therefore, I think your 3096 fps 150 from a .30-06 case and 24 inch barrel's close to proof loads for it.
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