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Last Year I was hunting during the rut...
And along came a deer I will never forget, Mr. One-Rack...

Well this particular Mr One-Rack had been seen by my friend before on opening weekend. My buddy had seen and shot a decent 10 pointer being followed by an even bigger bodied and racked deer. Only thing was, this deer only had one side of his rack intact. I heard the story and knew I wanted this Mr One-Rack for his uniqueness...

So during the rut I'm hunting a doe spot, a field with close to a dozen persimmon trees. (where I shot my doe)
Well it's getting late and I'm looking downhill and from the corner of my eye I see movement. Only problem was that it was coming from the other direction...
Out comes a big doe and Mr One-Rack! I see one side had only a little antler sticking straight up...and the other side, Waaaay outside his ear! Cannot even tell you how many points. Well we have ourselves a little standoff and I swing my gun around, aim, and squeeze the trigger. Off lope those two dad-blasted deer! Tails up, not even hurrying that much...just surprised the heck out of them.

I was beside myself with confusion and I knew my gun was, "On" so why was there no blood?
100 dollars and three hours of tracking dog later (kudos to the trackers, they were great), I learned the most important generalized lesson of my first hunting season. No blood=no deer, and thus a shot and clean miss is better than a blood trail that runs cold.

My friend had a hit-and-no-recovery this year. Same friend that shot the 10 last year... well he shot and hit a much bigger buck. We think it was a high shoulder or brisket shot. The blood ran out and even where the deer bedded down, there was only a palm-sized blood spot.

Well 100 dollars and three hours of tracking dog later; you know the story here dontcha?
Anyways, great job by the trackers and dog, followed that trail for 500 yards. And only getting a single drop every 20-30 yards...eventually that ran out
We feel that the deer made it out without mortal wounds and will be there next year.

Did you know...
The dog tracks each deer individually by a gland in between it's hooves. The dog wasn't tracking blood, but rather the footfalls of the deer...

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