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I've had my Mossberg MVP Predator for about 3 months now and have come to appreciate it a great deal.

The Predator comes with an 18 inch barrel chambered for 5.56 vice 223 and is rifled 1 turn in 9 inches.

The barrel is fluted from about an inch behind the muzzle to a point about an inch in front of the forearm.

I run mine suppressed and use a Weaver Tactical Grand Slam 3-10X40 Mil Dot scope for optics.

With my handloads of 25 grains of WC 844T, 50 grain Hornady Z Max bullet and military primed 5.56 cases, it'll shoot 5 rounds into 3/4 of an inch with boring regularity.

I will share that have tried heavier bullets (all the way up to 75 grains) but mine prefers lightweight bullets (55 grains and below).

Anything above 55 grains and groups tend to open to 1.5 to 2 inches at 100 yards regardless of powder/primer/bullet combination.

I have taken a few Coyotes so far this year and it's also been used to take about a hundred or so jackrabbits.

Feed and function with 20 and 30 round military surplus magazines has been flawless and to me the old military 20 round mags seem to look right with this specific rifle.

Mines had about a thousand rounds through it since I've had it and there have been no problems of any sort to report,

The trigger is of the Accu Trigger type and is user adjustable down to around 2.5 to 3 pounds and breaks a little stiffer than I'd like but it's easy to manage. Group size doesn't suffer from the percived stiffness in mine.

All in all it's a great little rifle.

If you can find one, I would wholeheartedly recommend it for plinking, varmint hunting and general woods bumming.
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