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Well i had a very nice afternoon in the stand with my youngest daughter in a ground blind a couple hundred yards away.
I had a nice Doe come right up to my stand from the front right. It stopped about 10 ft. away from the ladder on the right when she got my sent. She sniffed and sniffed the air and looked up at me three times and looked away.
She thumped the ground 6-7 times and started to move away several times but couldn't figure out which way to go. After about 3 min she snuck away the way she had come with tail down.
I thought about trying to video her with the cell phone but was enjoying the moment to much to possibly disrupt it.
I would have taken her if I would have had my .45 Super with but last weekend I had it and when I did a little practice aim at a tree, I couldn't see the front sight. Its got a Patridge sight and it was heavy overcast, heck we had thunderstorms all morning and I got pinned down in the cedars for a while. I had some day glow pink paint out a couple nights ago and didn't get it done so both my hunting handguns were on the bench with wet paint today. There is no sport in a rifle w/scope at 20 ft.
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