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Whether you spend it now, or spend it later, it still gets spent.
In the long run, it's better to buy in bulk and save a bit
Yes I agree, its just that when I can get three 525 bulk packs of CCI Blazer for $48, and all Im gonna do is punch paper with them, the cost of Mini Mags is out of my comfort zone. I have shot lots of Mini Mags, and dont see much difference between them, and Blazers. I have a couple 22 pistols that have the reputation of being ammo sensitive(Bersa Thunder 22, Taurus PLY-22), and they both shoot Blazers flawlessly. Blazers are the only round that shoots reliably out of my Ruger SR22P, and tomorrow, I pick up my new Beretta Bobcat, and I will be shocked if it doesnt shoot Blazers reliably as well.
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