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My wife likes hers. She bought one in Dark Earth because she didn't have "a brown gun yet" and a dark earth FN45 didn't fit her hand. Really.

Very little recoil, pretty light, nice fireball, decent trigger, crazy accurate. First time we shot it I put 6 rounds into a dime sized group at 7 yards. Everyone she lets try the 5.7 really likes it. It throws the brass forward and 1 to 3 o'clock, about 10+ feet. Some of that may be the effect of bouncing off the covered range roof. I haven't tried reloading it yet, but that brass is a bear to find in grass. It's a screamer of a handgun round.

Ammo is pricey (45 ACP is cheaper) and hard to find lately. 6 months ago we could find half case ammo can specials at Cabelas no problem. Now every place I check is backorder city. Federal has an equivalent American Eagle loading that is FMJ, not ballistic tip. Price is comparable to the SS197. The local Gander Mountain gets a case in every week or so - they tell me it only lasts a day or 2 on the shelf. We managed to scoop up some of that for practice ammo.

I keep telling her she needs to get the companion P90.
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