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Saw another instructor putting on a vest. Since that's sort of against what we teach, and really, really unusual at our range, I said "worried?" She answered "cops." And I said "oh."

Cops and young men in their twenties in front of their girlfriends are by far the two most dangerous groups I teach.

The one group because they're idiots, think they were born with a gun gene and need to demonstrate to their girl that they know more than I do, and cops because they spend a lot more time pointing guns at people than my students do. Cops don't have a lot of the built-in reflexes that one learns at a range; and it's my opinion that they can't. It would make them do the wrong thing at precisely the wrong moment. Look at that old story about the cop who emptied his weapon and then looked for the ten-tin to dump his brass.

So the gun habits cops develop are wrong in one place or the other-- they're wrong at the range or they're wrong in the street.

So (and remember, all this is nothing more than my opinion, and I'm not a cop) any sane cop has bad gun habits, from a range-officer, instructor, range nazi point of view. Right out the gate, a normal, sane cop is perfectly willing to point a gun at you. Or me. Or anyone. This makes range officers light up go ding, right off the bat.

The variation I object to most (speaking of looking at things another way) is when folks try to fix a training problem with equipment. So if you have some weird requirement that really needs a shoulder holster, okay, but if you're looking for an easy way out, or you think a shoulder holster is more gooder and safer than a VM-II, I don't have much sympathy for you.

I'm the first to admit that I don't know anything about cops, cop work, flying helicopters, P-51s or stealth bombers, but for carrying a concealed weapon, I haven't run into a genuine need for a shoulder holster yet.

But it's early.
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