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Store a Glock in cold weather question

Sorry I posted this earlier but was from my phone and kept making errors so I asked for it to be deleted.

I wanted to know if its okay to leave a Glock in a car 24/7 during winter. I have a Glock 26. I live in Colorado so winter gets cold. On rare cold days it can get to -15. Average lows at night are probably 10 degrees at night in the month of Dec and Jan and Feb. But I planned to leave it in the car for 6+months of cold season. Is that okay? If not what can be done? BTW I leave the Glock 26 in the case that it came with. That is all i leave it in.

I tried to use a paper towel/rag to wipe out any lube on the gun since I know lube and cold weather can sometimes cause issues.

So basically am I good to keep it in there all winter long? My plan was say every few weeks to take it out of my car, wipe it down with a dry rag to remove any lube/moisture in the gun. Is that a good idea or should i just LEAVE it in my car 24/7 and not take it out? I heard bringing in a gun that's been sitting in the cold then brining it into the warm causes moisture to build up immediately..... So any advice on how I should store it? Any cheap ideas of how to store it - like a cheap gun case built for winter (if they exist) or what if I left the gun in a zip-lock bag all winter? Or should I just keep it in the case?

Sorry I have no idea so i just wanted to make sure my Glock is fully reliable if I leave it in my car 24/7 during the cold. Of course I have another spare in my house so I'm not leaving my only gun sitting in my car, in case anyone wondering.
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