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A friend asked me similar question “how much do you save reloading?”
I told him that I have never saved a penny reloading, in fact it cost me more to shoot.
Not per round, it’s cheaper. But once you start reloading you start shooting more, and once you start shooting more you reload more and it becomes a vicious circle. But a very fun vicious circle.
Last weekend I shot 200 rounds of 44 special. 50, 44 Mag, god knows how many 9mm. The thought of paying cash for all that scares me.

The last time I purchased factory ammo was before the last election, 5 years ago. A store in town had a sale starting on a Sunday morning, $6.95 for 9mm and $9 for 45 ACP.
I got there when they opened the door and took home every case of 9mm (10 I think) they had and 3 cases of 45. I have 2 cases of the 9mm left, of the rest 9mm. There are several thousand in sealed containers ready for loading with primers.
It was a sad day when I discovered my universal remote control did not in fact control the universe.

Did you hear about the latest study.....5 out of 6 liberals say that Russian Roulette is safe.
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