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I object to requiring some sort of mental health test before someone can purchase a firearm. I don't mind folks who have been adjudicated as mentally unfit being barred from firearm purchases
I must say I am very much against a mental-health check prior to firearms purchases. First, who decides whether one is "healthy" or not? Probably the majority of people have an episode of "mental illness" at some point in their lives. Some folks probably think I'm a bit nuts on any given day. Now, if the courts have adjudicated a decision, that's a different matter.

Also, once someone acquires a "label", it tends to follow them forever, whether the mental illness is gone or not. I'm a recovering alcoholic, for instance. I imagine I would have been labeled as totally insane back in my drinking days, and rightfully so. Now that I'm 20+ years sober, would I be allowed to purchase guns because of that label I acquired back there? Who knows...
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