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Gary Paul Johnson; SIG P-220 "cocked"....

I agree. Many newer "gunwriters" have things printed I do not really stand by but there are a few top-notch armed professionals/LE officers with good insight.

An older scribe, Gary Paul Johnson(a former LAPD officer & SWAT commander) once posted a article photo of a standard(DA/SA) SIG-Sauer P-220 .45acp pistol saying the design was "safe enough" to carry with the hammer cocked on a loaded chamber, .
I'd pass on that little tidbit.
Many "experts" push the point shooting or CQB methods. I'd say these skills have merit but only for the advanced level shooters(tier 1 spec ops, SWAT, intel officers, EP agents, etc).
Point shooting to me, is like driving a car w/o looking out of the windshield.
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