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What to do with a EAA Witness P Compact 10mm

I once again have bought a gun on Gunbroker mostly because it was quite a bit cheaper than I've seen one in my area. As the title says, it is a new in box EAA Witness P Compact in 10mm. Including shipping and the transfer fee I will have $345 in the gun. I do not currently own a gun chambered in 10mm but I also don't really have a need for one. I originally was thinking about keeping it so I would have something in the caliber but a mixture of high ammo prices and a seemingly numerous amount of stories about cracked slides in these guns has got me to contemplating selling it without firing it.

I currently have 3 options I'm contemplating on this gun. Those options are:

1. Leave it unfired and sell it - I believe that in my area I could make around $50 over what I paid
2. Trade it - I've already had an offer of a very good condition 6" Ruger Security Six in 357 for it
3. Keep it and hope this one doesn't have the slide cracking issues I keep reading about

What would you folks do if you were in my shoes? I don't like getting rid of a gun as soon as I acquire it but I also don't want to get stuck with a gun that will require a ton of warranty work just to get it to work like it should.
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