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Does a muzzle break lessen recoil a lot or just a little. Also I heard muzzle breaks take away some of ur accuracy. And don't muzzle breaks make the gun much louder.
Yes, a lot depending on the gun.

No, the brake will not hurt accuracy if put on right.

Yes/kind of/maybe; Depends on the brake. It directs the blast to the side or rear, and down depending on what you want.

I was a RO for last summer's Sniper Hide Match at Douglas WY. One guy came to my station with a brake on his 243. I was setting to his side and the first shot muddied my coffee by throwing dirt.

I then got to watching him shoot,.....the muzzle didn't climb at all. Bearly wiggled.

Muzzle brakes do more then reduce the recoil (they do that very well), but they also keep muzzle jump down so you can see the impact. You can basically see it hit.

A friend of mine showed up for some PD shooting. He had a brake on his 22-250. It was a heavy varmint rifle. I asked why he needed the brake on a 22-250, he says shoot it and see.

I did, you wouldn't think a heavy 22-250 would kick, or there would be that much muzzle jump...............try shooting one with a brake. You can see the bullet hit the chest and the PD explode.

I know a 243 doesn't kick, but there are reasons for putting a brake on such light calibers. I've see several on ARs and they make for some fast follow up shots.

Best advice, find someone with a brake and try theres.

I just put one on my 300 WM, now it kicks like a 243. I got one ordered for my 375 H&H. I'm sure it will improve my shooting with it.

As I said, it doesn't hurt accuracy if installed correctly. The hole in the end of the brake should be .020 more then the bore of the rifle (308 brake would be 328) but you can make it bigger and it still would be effective.

I know some people who had a brake put on his 308, and he can use it successfully on his 260 Rem.

Don't discount brakes, they work, and not just for reducing recoil.
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