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"I suppose had (RCBS) built it right in the first place, I wouldn't have needed the parts, but IMHO, I screwed something up by not using my brain to begin with."

Jimkim, that's an uncommon bit of intregrity for how most any brand of reloading tool 'issues' occur; RTFM and use your head effectively applies to anything.

The common hype suggesting RCBS in general and the Rockchucker press in particular are the epitome of 'quality' gets amusing. I've been reloading since '65, have used many presses and dies of various manufactors and find there is no average difference in what can be done with any brand of tools; the limiting factor is the skill of the user, not the color of the tool! If Lee had made the Classic Cast when I bought my RC II my main press would be red.

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