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Generally I collect Colt double actions. About two years ago I fell into a 1959 JC Higgins Ranger made by High Standard for Sears. I did not seek this revolver but it seemed to come to me. I cleaned it after acquiring it and found that it did not work at all in double action but was fine in single action. It is a 9 shot 22lr. I left he gun alone for a year or so and finally shot it a few times and thought this is not bad, aluminum frame, decent sights, good finish, and accurate. I decided to try to get it repaired but did not have luck finding anyone familiar with it and from looking at drawings of the action it was slightly different from the High Standard Sentinel. I tried to take it apart but failed. I left it on the shelf again for a few months but this week I finally decided I don't have much to lose money wise even if failed in the repair. I found some videos on a similar gun and decided it was time. Well the problem with the gun was just gunk on the internals preventing smooth movement and when clean it appeared to work fine. I got it back together and now I really get what they were after when they made these guns. Economical to shoot, light, high capacity for its time, and pretty good quality. I guess it grew on me.
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