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Originally Posted by coyota1
I thought the 22 250 1 in 14" twist was do to the higher velocities it generates. With a 60 grain bullet you can generate 3500-3600 fps with a 22 250 vs. 2900-3100 with a 223. The faster the bullet leaves the muzzle, the faster the spin.
You have to try it, to know for sure if the .22-250 will stabilize the 60 grain NPT. The reason the 55 grain TSX probably won't stabilize because it is a longer bullet since copper weighs less than lead. It might actually be larger than the Partition bullet.

The .22-250 was developed as a varmint cartridge and usually that means light jacketed bullets that violently expand. It was never intended to be used for the same things the .223 is used for. The only reason the .223 usually has a faster twist is because of the Military needing heavier bullets in the 5.56X45 so to take full advantage of most factory loads the .223 needs a faster twist.
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