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I'm not sure I get what you're saying here. Do you mean that someone shot with a 125 gr. round from a .357 in the stomach will suffer a heart attack as a result, and that this makes the 125 gr. bullet performance superior and lead to a "one shot stop"? Is this what you meant?

Yes that is what i mean. The temporary wound cavity and all of the kinetic energy expelled can cause a heart attack even if the heart isnt hit. If the kinetic energy is high enough it can even rupture other organs as well without hitting them.

So from looking at brassfetchers vids and seeing the insane potential damage it can cause a human beings internals, I like the 125 gr bullet. However since the media doesnt have anything solid in side of it (the ones I saw had the solid media in front on the gel block on the outside) I am curious to know what a smaller 125 gr bullet will do after it shoots through flesh and then into bone.

My theory is that it will deflect off of the bone. Where as a heavier bullet 158 gr could shatter it.

Hope that clears things up a bit, I had a few beers last night when I wrote that
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